Nutrition from Foods supplements to fight EMF radiations

Nutrition from Foods supplements to fight EMF radiations

Is your mobile phone destroying your digestion? The EMF-Microbiome interaction

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are a form of non-ionizing radiation that emanate from various sources, both natural (such as the Earth's magnetic field) and man-made (such as power lines, electronic devices, and wireless communication systems). There is ongoing research and debate regarding the potential health impacts of exposure to EMF radiation.

While there's a scarcity of research in this domain, the existing data suggests that, akin to humans, bacteria are influenced by exposure to non-native electromagnetic fields. The intensity and frequency of radiation seem to yield varying impacts on various strains of bacteria. However, it's challenging to make significant conclusions due to the limited number of studies examining the precise effects of modern tech devices on the gut environment.

EMF exposure not only led to depression-like neurobehavioral disorders, but also to gut microbiota imbalance, according to ScienceDirect. It is impossible to completely avoid this now. The only realistic alternative it to focus on reducing exposure, 

  • Switch wifi to an ethernet wired connection

  • Dont put your laptop on your lap!

  • Turn your mobile phone onto air plane mode when it is out of use

  • Use speaker phone instead of putting that device directly up against your head/skin

Healing Foods supplements to Protect Against the Effects of EMFs

A balanced body possesses self-healing capabilities, but it requires your support. Your choice of foods and dietary supplements holds crucial importance. The relationship between diet and your body's vulnerability to radiation is intimate. Radiation and pollutants deplete vital nutrients like A, C, E, K, various B vitamins, essential fatty acids, calcium, and neuro-hormones. In the absence of nutrients like calcium and potassium, your body may inadvertently absorb radioactive elements that mimic these vital nutrients.

Opting for natural, fresh, and preferably organic unprocessed foods is your best strategy. Steer clear of white sugar, red meat, refined wheat, caffeine, and homogenized milk. Below is a selection of widely endorsed foods and supplements to help restore your body's equilibrium. While not exhaustive, this list provides a solid starting point.

Essential Protective Supplements:

  1. Calcium/magnesium: Prevents precancerous cells, shields against strontium 90 and other radioisotopes.
  2. Vitamin A or beta carotene: Produces antibodies, safeguards mucus membranes, and supports the immune system's master gland, the thymus. Also combats tumor formation, cancer, and UV-induced skin aging.
  3. Vitamin C + bioflavinoids & rutin: Provides protective doses against toxins and radiation (500mg to 2,000 mg).
  4. Coenzyme Q10: Shields against chemicals and radiation, benefiting the immune system and slowing aging. Vital for heart conditions, high blood pressure, angina, and obesity.
  5. Vitamin E: Neutralizes harmful free radicals, preserving delicate membranes.

Additional Supplements:

  1. Zinc: Strengthens T-cell-producing thymus gland. Recommended daily intake: 50 to 100 mg from grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes.
  2. Selenium: Fights cancer, shields against carcinogens by promoting glutathione peroxidase, a free radical scavenger.
  3. Proanthocyanadins (Grape seed extract/Pycnogenol): Potent antioxidants counteracting stress, pollution, and radiation.
  4. DHEA: Dubbed the 'Fountain of Youth' hormone, it extends lifespan, combats stress effects, regulates cholesterol, and rebalances hormones. Aids during menopause, slows free radical production, and inhibits cancer growth. Found in wild yams.
  5. Foods act like Melatonin or Melatonin: Inhibits cancer growth, replenishes pineal gland-secreted melatonin, influencing sleep, fertility, and immunity. Effective for jet lag and rebalancing after electric field exposure."

Nutritional Foods Against Radiation

Gut-healing Bone Broth: 

Chicken bone broth is a powerhouse of nutrients that can be particularly beneficial for soothing and healing the stomach. Rich in amino acids like glutamine, it helps to repair and strengthen the delicate lining of the digestive tract. Additionally, the gelatin and collagen found in bone broth support the production of gastric juices, aiding in smoother digestion. Its high electrolyte content also helps to maintain proper fluid balance, crucial for a healthy gut. The broth's anti-inflammatory properties, courtesy of compounds like chondroitin and glucosamine, work to calm any irritation or inflammation in the stomach lining. All in all, sipping on a warm cup of chicken bone broth can provide much-needed relief and promote the healing process for various stomach ailments.

Try Tony's Recipe:

Chlorophyll-containing foods: Barley grass and chlorella contain abundant chlorophyll, closely resembling human blood. They excel in cleansing, detoxifying, and healing various conditions. These foods inhibit bacterial growth, detoxify heavy metals, enhance wound healing, cleanse the liver and other organs, deodorize the body, combat colon bacteria, aid in skin disease healing, alleviate ulcers, gastritis, pancreatitis, and other inflammatory conditions. They also assist in gum disease recovery and inhibit radiation and carcinogen activation. Numerous studies highlight chlorophyll's protective effects on irradiated animals. If grass or algae consumption isn't your preference, pure chlorophyll supplements are available. Alternatively, incorporate whole foods rich in chlorophyll and essential nutrients.

Miso, crafted from naturally fermented soybeans, rice, or barley, stands as a rich source of complete protein, supporting digestion and assimilation. Low in fats, it boasts a delightful salty flavor while promoting overall health. Notably, miso aids in neutralizing environmental pollution, including radiation. Though the precise mechanism remains unclear, historical observations reveal that regular miso consumption by the Japanese shielded them from radiation-induced cancer after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Recent research in Japan further affirms miso's role as a cancerostatic agent.

Miso tofu seaweed soup

Lactic Acid Fermented Vegetables and Juices: These foods hold medicinal properties and offer biological benefits for various conditions such as cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, kidney and liver diseases, and digestive disorders. Examples include sauerkraut, beets, carrots, green and red peppers, beet tops, Swiss chard, and celery.

Cultured milk products like yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, and unprocessed cheese are associated with longevity. Real yogurt, made from fresh whole (unhomogenized) milk, contains billions of beneficial bacteria. It includes minimal honey or fructose, and sometimes real fruit. These products also have an unknown component that reduces cholesterol. Yogurt serves as a healthy alternative to ice cream in shakes and smoothies, and can replace sour cream on potatoes. They host friendly bacteria, including lactobacillus acidophilus, which supports a healthy colon environment. These bacteria help eliminate harmful organisms and produce germ-fighting antibodies.

Yogurt Flavored with Fresh Fruits--So Easy with VitaClay!
Cruciferous Vegetables like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, turnips, spinach, cauliflower, and kale offer protective benefits. They contain dithiolthiones, a group of non-toxic compounds with antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-radiation properties. Sources include dark, leafy vegetables (e.g., broccoli, spinach, kale), dark yellow and orange vegetables (e.g., carrots, sweet potatoes), and fruits (e.g., cantaloupe, apricots).
Healing Vegetarian Cabbage Roll Soup
Nutritious Brussels sprout Cauliflower Potatoes in Rich sauce - Gluten free
Roasted turnips, brussels and carrots in one pot
Clay roasted cauliflower in garlic olive soy sauce

A high-fiber diet comprising whole grains, fruits, and vegetables offers protection against large bowel cancer, according to epidemiological data. Opting for whole grains with their bran and fiber, as well as whole, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, is a healthier choice compared to their processed counterparts.

Easy One Pot Meal with Baja Garlic Shrimp and Mixed Whole Grains

Foods rich in natural vitamin A include lima beans, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes, onions, and spinach. Fruits like mangoes, grapes, avocados, pears, oranges (including the white under the peel and pulps), apples (including seeds and skin), and strawberries are also excellent sources. Additionally, unsprouted seedsÔÇöparticularly sunflower, sesame, and pumpkinÔÇöalong with nuts like almonds and cashews are high in vitamin A. Leafy green vegetables, carob, and teas made from fruit blossoms and leaves (such as peach flowers, strawberry leaves, cherry flowers, and apple blossoms) contribute to this vitamin's intake. Moreover, grasses like wheat and barley are rich sources. Abscisic acid, a vitamin A analog, is abundantly present in these foods, including grasses, seeds, nuts, legumes, mature leaves, and fruits, as well as in apricot pits. The body naturally produces abscisic acid in vivo from raw carrot juice and raw liver.

Meatless Monday Fresh Summer Meal with Abundant Fresh Veggies with Marinated Lima Beans, Garlic Roasted Potatoes, Asparagus, and Colorful Cherry Tomatoes!
Nutritious Gluten Free Brown Rice Carrot Yam Bowl

Sesame seeds, raw, ground (as tahini), offer health benefits. Sesame seed oil contains Complex T, which boosts blood platelets, crucial for infection defense. For those averse to pills, consuming raw sesame seeds or tahini is a viable alternative. Additionally, sesame seeds are rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), vital for immune system function.

Sea vegetables like kelp and dulse provide essential protection against radiation. They contain sodium alginate, which helps detoxify heavy metals, and agar, a gelatin alternative. Kelp and dulse are excellent natural sources of iodine, crucial for guarding against radioactive iodine, commonly found in milk. Adequate organic iodine intake, as in kelp, reduces radioiodine absorption by the thyroid and ovaries. 

Essential fatty acids, including GLA and EPA, are crucial for immune system function and cancer protection. These can be found in sources like flax seed oil, evening primrose oil, and fatty fish such as salmon.

 One Pot Meal! Honey Lime Glazed Salmon and Rice





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