Top 10 Uses of VitaClay®

Perfect Rice and Grain Cooker

Open the lid …and see truly perfect rice every time with VitaClay. Soggy, undercooked or overcooked rice or grains is never a worry. The organic unglazed clay inside our smart multi-cooker doubles as a rice cooker–making perfect rice and grains from every variety. With no aluminum or non-stick chemicals touching your food, you can also rest assured you ingredients get royal treatment. For centuries alchemists and emperors have prized clay for soaking, germinating and cooking rice. They knew clay crockery offered unparalleled flavors and superior health benefits. Because VitaClay is both a slow cooker, a rice cooker and a beautiful serving pot as well, your gourmet meals, soups and stews or your rice and grains comes to the table with grace. Cooking any grain or one-pot wonder feels like magic with our fast multi-cooker–but it’s really just ancient wisdom.

The Best Beans and Lentils Cooker

Beans and lentils are fabulous when prepared in clay cookers. The alkalizing and mineralizing properties of clay bring out the richer tones and tenderness of beans and legumes. To wake up the sleeping seed, soak before cooking– right in the clay pot. Then just rinse, add fresh water and spices and press soup! It’s that easy. Or set the delay timer and take the dog for a walk. Dinner is ready when you are. Perfect every time–and perfect timing.

Nourishing Broth Cooker

Broth is a nutrient-dense treasure made especially easy using VitaClay. With only vegetable scraps and roasted bones, you can make a rich and savory broth that satisfies the soul. Just add your bones and vegetable scraps (or some mushrooms and seaweed) to the pot, fill with water and cook for a few hours on “soup” Lift the lid to the savory scent of golden, nutrient-dense goodness. Another easy way to multiply the nutritional support and richer flavors; simply replace the water in any savory recipe with your homemade broth.

Putting Together a Convenient One-Pot Meal

We all love one one-pot meals. These comforting combinations of our favorite foods really satisfy and are perfect for the busy modern family. Into the pot goes all your healthy ingredients and an hour later a fully-cooked and perfectly prepared meal is ready –with only one pot to wash! From spaghetti and meatballs to rice and beans, or fish over quinoa, you can count on VitaClay every day. Mother nature supplies the ingredients and complements to the chef go to you.

Easy Yogurt Maker

Up your probiotic intake and lower your carbon footprint at the same time.

Besides the high cost of buying commercially made yogurt, it’s cooked and stored in a plastic container. And they really add up. Also, the extra sugars, fillers and preservatives add up making yogurt less appealing when you peek at the label. With VitaClay, making low temperature yogurt and other probiotic goodies at home can be even easier than buying it in the store, especially with the probiotic counts in home-made yogurt exponentially higher than the store-bought counterparts. Costing just pennies on the dollar—your yogurt will be full of beneficial bacteria and can be made for just the cost of milk! And you are in for a real treat if you’ve never tried clay-batch yogurt before. It’s thick and creamy with a rich full flavor, just like Greek yogurt.

Quick Steamer

Freshly veggies and fish steamed to perfection can your lunch or dinner in a matter of minutes. Less time than using the oven or microwave. VitaClay helps you keep your promise to yourself–to eat fresh and healthy.
Simply add a few cups of water to the bottom of the clay pot and insert a steamer basket, glass or ceramic bowl filled with your fresh vegetables and seafood. VitaClay steams everything evenly and to perfection! Another hot idea–simply add fish fillets to your pot of rice in the last 10-15 minutes of cooking. It’s easy to be a healthy gourmet with VitaClay.

Brewing Teas, Tinctures, and Holiday Drinks

VitaClay is perfect for brewing up a big batch of your favorite tea: set the cooker to “warm” and brew fresh ginger, cinnamon, cardamom pod and orange zest for a wonderful, warming chai. Or brew up a healing elderberry tincture to drink daily during cold and flu season. VitaClay is also perfect for warming your favorite holiday beverages– spiced apple cider, wassail or hot cocoa. Keep it warm in VitaClay and fill the mugs until the fire dies down and the relatives head home. Ancient science tells us that herbal remedies are traditionally brewed in unglazed clay only. You can get the most benefit from your herbal recipes with VitaClay.

Simple Baby Food Cooker

You know every meal you feed your baby matters. Frozen or commercial foods, aluminum cans and plastic packaging are easy yet less nutritious and add to the landfill. Let VitaClay do double duty as a baby food maker and eco-friendly ally in your kitchen. Steam fresh carrots, mash up steamed sweet potatoes, cook peas, steel-cut oats or apples with probiotic yogurt—all with the assurance that clay is NEVER leaching harmful chemicals or heavy metals into your baby’s meal and the fresh ingredients you hand selected for purity and nourishment stay pure. Feel good about every bite your baby takes–and have some too. Because its yummy.

Reheating and Keeping Food Warm

Ready to toss the microwave and discover a healthy alternative? We’ve got the answer. Use the re-heat feature to re-steam rice, soup or stew. It tastes freshly made! Use the “warm” function to keep your meals warm during a pot-luck or family dinner. After cooking for the allotted programmed time, VitaClay will default to the “warm” setting, keeping your food warm for up to 12 hours after cooking (or until you cancel it). The clay pot and housing also preserve warmth for several hours even when it’s turned off or unplugged.

Healthy vegetarian Hummus

With VitaClay, everything good about a slow cooker just got great. VitaClay utilizes a “micro-pressure” effect in our sealed housing units. Food cooks up to 75% faster than traditional slow cookers, giving you tender, juicy and delicious results every time. With VitaClay, your fresh ingredients don’t get soggy stewing in liquid for the better part of a day. ‘Fast slow cooking’ in unglazed organic clay maintains subtle textures and amplifies flavors and nutrients –making meals a chef could proudly serve. Gourmet cooking –in your own home–has never been easier faster or healthier.

In VitaClay, food cooks faster, tastes better, and uses much less energy than traditional slow cookers. With virtually no evaporation of juices— all of the great flavors and nutrients from your meats, veggies and beans stay right in the pot –they don’t evaporate– keeping your kitchen clean and cool!

…and so many more!

There are so many uses for VitaClay clay pot cookware, we can’t even list them all here! Almost anything you cook can be cooked in a VitaClay clay cooker. From steel-cut oats to chicken noodle soup and pot roast—clay outperforms any other pot, and is the safest cooking material you can own.

With clay pot cooking, the clay pot can also be used as a fermentation crock for probiotic-rich sauerkraut, kimchi or natto; it can be used to cook up quick hot dips for a party, or can serve as a cute warmer for your next holiday wassail.

Our 7900-series cookers also feature a delay timer that can be used to optimize your cooking as well. Now you can soak your steel-cut oats overnight and set the cooker to cook them an hour before you wake up—so you’ve got freshly soaked and freshly cooked oats first thing in the morning! Or load up your veggies, beans, rice and meat for a one-pot meal to be ready when you walk in the door from work!


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