Buy VitaClay Best Clay Pot Rice Cookers

There are many rice cookers on the market to choose from, but how many of them cook rice in clay? Most rice cooker liners are made of non-stick chemical-coated aluminum, but VitaClay pots are only all-natural clay with no lead, no aluminum, and no toxins! And the taste! You havenÔÇÖt had rice until youÔÇÖve had it made in clayÔÇöeven plain rice just tastes better when itÔÇÖs made in all-natural clay!

Open the lid ÔÇŽand see truly perfect rice every time with VitaClay. The organic unglazed clay inside our smart multi-cooker doubles as a rice cookerÔÇômaking perfect rice and grains from every variety. With no aluminum or non-stick chemicals touching your food, you can also rest assured you ingredients get royal treatment. For centuries alchemists and emperors have prized clay for soaking, germinating and cooking rice. They knew clay crockery offered unparalleled flavors and superior health benefits. Because VitaClay is a slow cooker, clay pot rice cooker and a beautiful serving claypot as well, your gourmet meals come to the table with grace. Cooking any grain or one-pot wonder feels like magic with our fast multi-cookerÔÇôbut itÔÇÖs really just ancient wisdom.

Our best clay rice cooker 2022 cooking bowls do not have chemical or aluminum metal non-stick coatings. Clay pot rice cookers with non-stick cooking pots are a healthier alternative. The main feature is the clay pot rice cooker cooking pot made of clay that has no Teflon or aluminum bottom. It QUICKLY brings food to boil -- two times faster than most of the conventional slow cookers; then, reduces heat to simmer for the desired time. We works like a charm, producing the best clay rice cookers. Shop our best clay rice cookers call now at 408-329-7392 & find large-capacity clay rice cookers and more.

Need some tips and tricks to make sure your clay cooker rice-making goes extra smoothly? Visit our Tips and Shortcuts/Troubleshooting Page to see some commonly addressed questions and get some advice on how to use VitaClay as a rice cooker properly, as well as a collection of tutorials on how to make other foods! Taste the difference!

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