Our Evolving Story

The ancients knew that mind and body care was the passport to good health and clear thinking. Communication between body, mind and soul is the key to listening to nature. In this way, we at VitaClay honor the planetÔÇöin the most loving and peaceful way.

Evolutionary cookware

VitaClay has been producing the highest quality green cookware using modern technology and ancient culinary art of cooking for over fifteen years. All over the world, unglazed clay cooking is considered to be the magic ingredients in many recipes. Healing, healthy and wholistic, clay is the dynamic and transformational catalyst the ancients prized for unlocking the nutrition in food and itÔÇÖs medicinal properties.

Nourishing traditions

At VitaClay, our connection to ancient wisdom and nourishing traditions fuels our imaginations and informs the all products we design. A love for mother-nature and a respect for technology adds synergy to everything we make--to bring you the most eco-positive cookware on the planet. And with the added benefit of saving time and tasting amazing. We are evolving and growing as humans. We can really feel it and weÔÇÖre sure you can too. Being eco-logical in creative and healthful ways creates wellbeing and lowers our carbon footprint. WeÔÇÖd discovered our commitment to green living gives back to the world in unexpected ways.

Our concious guarantee 

VitaClay is responsibly and consciously manufactured. Our relationships with our vendors has been cultivated in person for over ten years so we know that both the working relationship is healthy and the people making our products are caring for both the environment and the people at their facilities. We guarantee both the strength and purity of our organic clay and the commitment of our manufactures.

Follow your purpose
With Love and respect,
The VitaClay Team

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