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VitaClay cookers have been reviewed by chefs and cooking experts and used by thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life in US and Canada. We are very pleased to read about their stories of how VitaClay adds fun in cooking and improves the quality of life. The following are our favorites.

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Another pot of "heaven", thanks VitaClay!

May 16, 2017

I just LOVE my VitaClay and use it EVERY week to make the delicious Chicken and Vegetable soup/stew that you taught me how to make in at the Show last year. Since that time, I have lots over 20 lbs and I attribute most of my weight-loss to grazing on your delicious soup all week long. And most importantly, I feel great and have GREATLY reduced by acid re-flux by eating the soup:)

-Tony K.


January 03, 2017




January 03, 2017

Like any physician, when I am working in the O.R. I need the right tools to get the job done. And as a chef, when I operate in the kitchen, the same golden rule applies. That’s why my VitaClay is always close at hand whenever I am crafting delicious, but nutritious meals…

- Dr. Mike Fenster Cardiologist / Professional Chef / Author


January 03, 2017

Our "no-stick" aluminum rice cooker finally gave up the ghost, and we ordered the VitaClay. I love it! It is absolutely easy to use and it has no bits of no-stick stuff coming off on the rice. It makes absolutely gorgeous rice...

- C. Wilson (Castle Country UT)


January 03, 2017

I could not be more pleased with the VitaClay rice cooker! It is everything I hoped it would be. I have used the VitaClay for a week (cooking with it every day). I know this is the rice cooker for me. I do not need to look any further. It cooks perfect brown rice. I have also cooked rice + mung dal in it many times. The food doesn't stick to the clay pot. The flavors are great. I am satisfied that the quality of the clay pot is good... The construction quality is very high. It is super easy to clean. The controls are easy to use. The design looks nice. I feel I got a lot of value for my money!

- Mr. Mountain "mountain biking guy" (FL, USA)


January 03, 2017

My husband and I have loved this rice cooker from the moment we made our first batch of rice. We purchased it because we avoid nonstick coatings as much as possible, and we try to go "natural" when we can. It makes excellent white rice (we use the Japanese kind), and cleanup is a breeze... I've made brown rice with good results.

- Eve Ikeda (Pasadena, CA)


January 03, 2017

The nice thing of this cooker is that it combines two functions in one as both rice cooker and slow cooker. I made very nice soup with its slow cooking function. I just need to set up the time for slow cooking, and leave the rest to itself… Thanks to the purple-clay material, it keeps the food inside much warmer in longer time comparing to other kind of rice cookers or slow cookers. I don't even need to use its Warm function at all, which in turn saves energy in one way. I believe I'm going to use this cooker a lot more than my previous rice cooker.

- Emy W “Bluesky” (Boston, MA)


January 03, 2017

Made my chicken bone broth yesterday! I love my VitaClay!

--- J.  Davidson


January 03, 2017

Program it to start making your rice porridge at 4am and in the morning, wake up, hit two buttons and pout it out into a bowl. Put a spoon in and you've got the healthiest breakfast known to man. It cooks very quickly when needed, makes perfect rice and it's non toxic clay It's clay. The insert is made out of clay! It doesn't have lead in it. You're not going to find another appliance like this. I'm an acupuncturist and I'm getting most of my patients to buy these, start their day off right with a nutritious meal... It has a handle and I actually take it with me when I travel.

- Dr. Graham Quigley, L.Ac. Oakland, CA


January 03, 2017

I have something going in this cooker every day. I have done rice, beans & soups so far and absolutely love it. I can change the water out of the beans halfway through, and it heats the new water so fast to continue the cooking. It's great!!

- Veg Mom (Clinton Township, MI)


January 03, 2017

I cannot believe how much I'm using this product. I'm able to make rich, nourishing bone broth in just 4 hours. Everything comes out so tasty and good. Today, I had a friend coming for lunch and lost track of time. I was able to throw in some uncooked chicken along with fresh raw veggies, some stock I had in the fridge, and some herbs and in 50 minutes we had a wonderful soup that would have otherwise taken a couple hours. And it makes the BEST pot roast in 3-4 hours. Just sear the meat while you put your veggies in the pot. Add 2C broth, some thyme, paprika, salt, pepper and set it for soup. Tender and flavorful. My only wish is that it were larger. I have to limit myself to a 3.5lb chicken at the farmer's market. But if you are GAPS or Paleo, do yourself a favor and get one of these.

-Healing Joy (Corvallis, OR)


January 03, 2017

I originally intended to purchase a rice steamer with a stainless steel pout; but luckily I came across VitaClay. This clay pot steamer cooks both brown (in 50 minutes) and white (in 40 minutes) rice to perfection without any sticking on the bottom of the pot, by simply using the built in timer settings for each type of rice. A nice feature it has is a silicone sealing gasket under the black hinged cover that seals against the clay pot and this lets the rice absorb the steam almost completely rather than boiling out into the air. Very easy to clean up by hand. The clay cooking material is FAR SUPERIOR to metal or non-stick metal pots because of it's thick "thermal mass" that absorbs and holds heat evenly and this prevents hot spots on the bottom of the pot. This is a high quality product.. Don't hesitate to buy it!

-Richard (Houston, TX)

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