Other Uses for VitaClay

There are so many uses for VitaClay we canÔÇÖt even list them all here! Almost anything you cook can be cooked in VitaClay. From steel-cut oats to chicken noodle soup and pot roastÔÇöclay outperforms any other pot, and is the safest cooking material you can own.

The clay pot can also be used as a fermentation crock for probiotic-rich sauerkraut, kimchee or natto, it can be used to cook up quick hot dips for a party, or can serve as a cute warmer for your next holiday wassail.

Our 7900-series cookers also feature a delay timer that can be used to optimize your cooking as well. Now you can soak your steel-cut oats overnight and set the cooker to cook them an hour before you wake upÔÇöso youÔÇÖve got freshly soaked and freshly cooked oats first thing in the morning! Or load up your veggies, beans, rice and meat for a one-pot meal to be ready when you walk in the door from work!

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