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VitaClay cookers have been reviewed by chefs and cooking experts and used by thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life in US and Canada. We are very pleased to read about their stories of how VitaClay adds fun in cooking and improves the quality of life. The following are our favorites.

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January 03, 2017

I really liked an idea of having a clay pot in the multi-cooker. Well, I have no regrets whatsoever that I gave it a chance. I love the delayed start option, with three toddlers it makes breakfasts much easier with hot cereal being ready by the time everybody gets out of their beds. While last night I braised some fresh turkey, added diced veggies and whole grain pasta, and put the pot in the fridge. This afternoon I simply added some water and put it in the cooker for 30 minutes and the lunch was ready. It's great! The taste is great, I don't have to think about it while it's cooking, Some mentioned that it cooks too fast for the slow cooker… but I never liked the food from the slow cooker anyway. All in all I really recommend it so far to anybody, who wants to save time in the kitchen.

-Irina Zlatkina (Baltimore, MD USA)


December 29, 2016

Finally I found a rice cooker of good quality, easy to clean, and doesn’t leave a mess all over my counter! I also love that I am not eating off aluminum!

- Parents of 18 month old (NH, USA)


December 29, 2016

We are a house full of ASIAN. We know our Rice. This thing is the BEST.

- F. Leba "ComputerMACman" (CA)


December 29, 2016

I love this rice cooker so much that I bought it for several family members for Christmas. I would suggest the 8-cup for families as the 6-cup can be a bit too small for stews and slow-cooking. It is so great to not have to worry about the non-stick coating found on almost all other rice cookers. Clean up is super easy...if stuff gets stuck to it, let it soak with water and it's easy to get clean. I LOVE it!!!

- E. Maynard(soCA)

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