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At VitaClay, we know you are faced with a myriad of options for preparing your daily meals. So the big question is how do you select the perfect cookware for taste, texture, nourishment and satisfaction...with time saving, non-toxic, and ecological throw in for good measure! Your busy lifestyle may require quick, easy to prepare and nourishing, healthy meals without compromising quality ingredients, yet you have probably discovered that you can't rely on fast food, take-out or restaurants to be responsible for your health. You know ingredients we want to put in our body and feed our families. Between pressure cookers, conventional slow cooker and fast cookers, you may have some big questions. So here are some answers to assist you making a choice for meals that you will love ad that can keep you feeling healthy and satisfied. Before we get into the facts and figures...may we just add that VitaClay is the only cooker made with a secret ingredient...unglazed organic clay. There is really not a comparable cooking material for taste and texture than unglazed clay. This is an ancient health secret because clay alkalizes your foods and amplifies flavors and nutrients. The bells and whistles that we've added for your modern kitchen give you smart programming and loads of special settings--even low temperature yogurt and many types of rice, stews and soups.

PRESSURE COOKERS: Cooking time in many pressure cookers may mislead you. 

CONVENTIONAL SLOW COOKERS: Notoriously slow and tend toward mushy results.
VITACLAY: VitaClay cooks in record time plus cooks in half the time of conventional slow cooker!

When pressure cooker says 5 minutes to cook ribs, it forgets to include the time to build up pressure and time to release pressure. Depending on amount of foods to heat up to bring up to a boil to create steam to pressure points.  VitaClay is using traditional heating method to heat foods evenly, retains a consistent temperature inside without high pressure. When the clay is heated up, it will store the energy in the pot then using the energy stored to cook foods for the rest of desired time with minimal electricity. 

PRESSURE COOKER: You cannot open a pressure cooker in the middle of cooking adding veggies or adjust taste. 

VITACLAY: You can open the VitaClay lid anytime to check flavors, textures and add ingredients.

In pressure cookers, you have to wait to release pressure and wait for building up pressure that is time consuming and not practical. In a conventional slow cooker, every time the lid is opened heat escapes and it takes approximately 20-30 minutes for the slow cooker to come back up to the set temperature. With VitaClay, it runs double the power than a conventional slow cooker, you can open the lid to add ingredients or adjust taste with little time delay.

PRESSURE COOKERS: A pressure cookers silicon ring transfers flavor into your cooking foods which many people can taste. 

CONVENTIONAL SLOW COOKERS: Glazed ceramic does not alkalize foods or create superior flavors or textures.

VITACLAY: In VitaClay, your ingredients are secure within the organic clay for no added tastes or chemicals--and flavors amplify, giving your tastier results every time.

In pressure cookers, many people complain about the Silicon ring smell and it needs deep cleaning to remove the chemical┬áodor. VitaClay housing doesnÔÇÖt transfer any taste, because it is only clay that is touching your foods. Over the past 10 years, I have not heard a single complaint about VitaClay transfer the flavor in your next foods cooking, even cooking a smoked meat. PRESSURE COOKER:┬á A pressure cooker does not cook a meal in 20 minutes from start to finish.┬á

CONVENTIONAL SLOW COOKERS: A conventional slow cooker takes hours to heat up--and longer to cook so you can expect a meal in 4-8 hours.

VITACLAY: VitaClay is a fast, intelligent slow cooker that give you a full meal in 20-30 minutes plus it has warming function so your food is ready at perfect temperature when youÔÇÖre ready to eat.┬á

A conventional slow cooker can take an hour or two to just heat up. It's a long wait if you are hungry or in a hurry. If you are in a hurry with a pressure cooker it can be dangerous. Keep in mind, you have to wait for the time of pressure release and it is not worth taking a chance of a searing rush the hot pressure if opened too soon. In VitaClay, you can rest assured there is no pressure build-up inside your cooker. You can cook one pot pasta meal with perfect texture and a full flavor in only 20 minutes or steam veggies in 20 to 25 minutes and open the lid safely any time during cooking! Check this 30-minute meal videos here!


VITACLAY Is super easy to clean.
You just simply clean it in a hot running water with or without dish soap.

Rice has a perfect texture and delicious taste in VitaClay!
It's well worth a taste test between a VitaClay and a pressure cooker.  In a blind taste test, we promise you VitaClay will be a clear winner--and you will be able to tell the difference between VitaClay--so full of earthy flavor and amazing fluffy tenderness with no metal or plastic taste in your foods.  For that matter, try quinoa or millet! In VitaClay, it's quite amazing how perfect it comes out-- saving you time stirring and checking to make sure it's not getting gluey or burning.

A BRILLIANT BONE BROTH Again, if you do a side by side comparison and a blind taste test, you will discover that VitaClay creates
richer flavor and texture with more gel and collagen, which means more nutrition in your bone broth! 

Organic unglazed clay vs metal, or unglazed clay means even and consistent heating of your foods. High-pressure high-temperature cooking or slow-slow stewing can destroy nutrients, flavors and textures. Non-stick coatings tend to be toxic and can come off in your foods and aluminum is known to be dangerous to cook with. 

STEAM AND PEEK.... anytime!
Steam your veggies in 20 minutes and a retain vibrant fresh color every time.
With a pressure cooker, you can't peek inside to see if your veggies are done. If you steam your veggies in a VitaClay for 20 minutes you will clearly see the vibrant notorious colors, and perfect textures. Say farewell to over cooked, soggy or colorless vegetables.

1. Safe, Easy One Stop cooking vs. waiting for pressure release 
2. Traditional heating in clay vs build up high pressure to cook
3. Safer and Easy without toxin heavy metals. 
4. Easy to add on ingredients in cooking without waiting time to build up pressure and scary pressure release  
5. Perfect fluffy rice every time with Superior texture and nutrition
6. VitaClay saves energy by half- once the heat is built up, the clay uses the stored
energy to cook for the rest of time with minimum electricity. 
7. Clay vs metal, means even consistent heating your foods vs high pressure high
temperature that destroy nutrition. MSG in broth may change the molecule of the broth to toxin. See What Healthy Home Economist Sara Pope says here-

I hope you are making a right decision for you and your loved ones! Happy holidays!

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