"So happy I own two of them!" - Vivianne - 25 people found this helpful

"So happy I own two of them!" - Vivianne - 25 people found this helpful

I was so very pleased with this that I ordered another one. I have two of the six quarts. It has helped me a lot to have food always ready. I had been gaining weight because food was not ready when I was hungry and I was eating that was around, nuts etc.. Now thanks to the delay start button, I prepare healthy breakfast the night before and it is ready when I wake up in the morning. I also prepare lunch the night before and it is ready in the morning. I can take both to work in a thermos. and at night, I either keep what is ready on warm so it is ready for the evening or I prepare something in the morning for dinner. It has really made a difference in my diet, in my health and I have lost a lot of pounds already. I use one pot to always have my bone broth ready and warm when I need it. (I cook the bone broth in a Cusinart huge slow cooker because it can fit more bones but then as I refrigerate it, I take the portion I need for the day in the Vitally). I read a lot about people who have had broken pots. You need to know how to cook with clay. Clay is a change of culture. It is not for the "American instant fast microwave" culture. Clay is a total different mind set. Clay cooking does not like changes in temperature. So for example, when I need to cook, the night before I put everything outside in the pot or at least a few hours before, if it will come from the fridge. So that it adjusts to the room temperature. When there is a burn, I put vinegar and baking soda. I have not had issues with smells as others report. But I have been cooking mostly and only with clay posts for years now and if there are smells in my other pots, I use white vinegar. Also, even if the manufacturer advises to use soaps, clay pots should never touch soaps because the soap gets into the clay. Cultures that use clay pots know that. The food really tastes wonderful and I am extremely pleased. I may later purchase an 8-cup for when I have guests to be able to fit more food. I have absolutely not regretted purchasing these two pots.

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