I originally intended to purchase a rice steamer with a stainless steel pout; but luckily I came across VitaClay. This clay pot steamer cooks both brown (in 50 minutes) and white (in 40 minutes) rice to perfection without any sticking on the bottom of the pot, by simply using the built in timer settings for each type of rice. A nice feature it has is a silicone sealing gasket under the black hinged cover that seals against the clay pot and this lets the rice absorb the steam almost completely rather than boiling out into the air. Very easy to clean up by hand. The clay cooking material is FAR SUPERIOR to metal or non-stick metal pots because of it's thick "thermal mass" that absorbs and holds heat evenly and this prevents hot spots on the bottom of the pot. This is a high quality product.. Don't hesitate to buy it!

-Richard (Houston, TX)

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