I cannot believe how much I'm using this product. I'm able to make rich, nourishing bone broth in just 4 hours. Everything comes out so tasty and good. Today, I had a friend coming for lunch and lost track of time. I was able to throw in some uncooked chicken along with fresh raw veggies, some stock I had in the fridge, and some herbs and in 50 minutes we had a wonderful soup that would have otherwise taken a couple hours. And it makes the BEST pot roast in 3-4 hours. Just sear the meat while you put your veggies in the pot. Add 2C broth, some thyme, paprika, salt, pepper and set it for soup. Tender and flavorful. My only wish is that it were larger. I have to limit myself to a 3.5lb chicken at the farmer's market. But if you are GAPS or Paleo, do yourself a favor and get one of these.

-Healing Joy (Corvallis, OR)

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