"SUPERB PRODUCT" - Sarai - 180 people found this helpful

"SUPERB PRODUCT" - Sarai - 180 people found this helpful

The real reason I have nothing negative to write about this Rice and Slow Cooker is because I had no expectations that it would be the same as the other non-stick surface rice cookers and slow cookers.

I expected it to - be different - cook differently - and I expected it to - contribute to my general health. IT HAS NOT DISAPPOINTED ME! I use it daily. I have cooked brown rice, white rice, wild rice mix, oatmeal, beef stew, lamb stew, chicken fricassee, split pea soup, lentil soup, black beans, ....... the list is just too long.

I am COMPLETELY SATISFIED with this ceramic cooker. It is true that there is a small amount of rice that always sticks to the bottom of the pot. The reason for this is that I wanted to get rid of the poisonous non-stick surface on my previous rice cooker. This does not bother me. It is a very small amount of rice and it does not represent a large waste of food nor a large amount of money. My estimate is that it represents about $5.00 a year if you cook rice almost every day as I do. I am oh-so-very pleased to be rid of the teflon coated rice cooker. It's sitting in my Goodwill Industries take-away box.

If you are wondering... do I buy it? Do I not buy it? The answer lies within your expectations. Do you want to be healthy? This is not a non-stick surface! Yes... the rice WILL stick a bit only on the bottom. I soak it for 30 minutes and the rice comes right off. I handle the pot and the top with GREAT CARE. I follow the instructions that came with the manual. No extreme changes in temperature. You can't take the ceramic pot out right after cooking and pour cold water in it. If you think you might be banging the pot and top - don't buy it... you will break it. It is not your old metal rice cooker. It is ceramic. It is somewhat fragile as all ceramic pots are. Do you want delicious food? Buy it. Do you want beef, lamb and chicken that you can cut with a fork it is so tender and juicy? Buy it. Do you want enhanced flavor in recipes you have been cooking for years? Buy it.

The product, the packing and the shipping were Amazon's usual EXCELLENT. I had it at my door 2 days after buying and it was packed extremely well.

I DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COOKER to anyone that genuinely cares about their health and that is willing to be realistic in accepting that they are purchasing something different than what they are accustomed to. You will fall in love with it and use it many many times as I do!

UPDATE: June 29, 2012
Still 100% pleased with this purchase. I use it almost every day. Today I put some navy beans, water, carrots, potato, onion, garlic, swiss chard and lamb in my pot... pressed soup and went out with family. When I got back I had an excellent Tuscan Navy Bean Soup waiting for me. My apartment smelled DEELICIOUS!!!! I love this pot. I've cooked about 20 different types of rice in it and the more I use it the more I value it and am so glad I took the risk and bought it.

UPDATE: May 16, 2012
Still 100% pleased with this purchase and use it almost every day.

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