"I LOVE this!!! UPDATE" - Laura - 41 people found this helpful

"I LOVE this!!! UPDATE" - Laura - 41 people found this helpful

STILL USING IT! Still loving it. I HAVE LEARNED TO make an interesting combo of soaked grains, sprouted beans with a chunk of winter squash on top. It steams perfectly and makes the broth a bit sweet. Really hearty and so easy to make. My husband works at night on occasion and takes this with him.

*****Yes! I am still happy with my VitaClay***** I'm mostly making soups and grains this winter because I discovered something really yummy. This percentage --1/4 quinoa and 3/4 millet (soak overnight and drain first)-- creates a very fluffy texture that tastes a bit like corn--and we've been having this with every possible topping. Raw butter and porcini mushroom powder. Walnut parsley miso-pesto, Grated raw goat cheese with caramelized onions...and the list goes on. VitaClay makes it easy to cook at home.


Our whole family loves the VitaClay pot. We use it almost every night. It's fast, easy and the food really does taste richer and more flavorful. I'm always thrilled --we kind of gather around the pot-- to lift the lid and see perfect rice or quinoa---

We even shipped one to our daughter in college. She uses it to make millet and quinoa. Her recipe: cook the organic grains with a bit of celtic or mineral salt and add few dried dates and figs on top when it's warming to soften them. She serves it with raw butter, heavy cream and cinnamon.

And it truly is a miracle. I've been trying to perfect quinoa, various brown rices and had given up on ever having good millet until we discovered the VitaClay. Also, I recently found out I can germinate brown rice on the low temperature yogurt setting. We have made yogurt a few times, but we mainly use it for grains, rich soups and bone broth. It's very fast, easy and very little clean-up.

With some experimenting, I've found that rice needs less water when it's soaked/germinated. Same for soaked quinoa---but not millet. Millet require much more water--soaked or not. But after six months, I can eye it and get perfect texture almost every time.

You really can just push a button if you are making grains, stews and soups. Since I soak and sprout my grains, it's taken some note-taking. Also a bit of upfront time to learn how to set the programmable timer. At this point, it is an essential tool in my kitchen. I love the Warming feature! To just leave it on warm--and at the perfect temperature for serving, or to steam-soften dried fruits or veggies.

Today I used my Vita Clay to make a Chinese Remedy for Vitality and Immunity for the winter. It has Astragalus, chinese dried dates and goji berries...and I may even mix it with the beef bone broth I made in the cooker. My pot has been very inspirational --sparking my creativity in the kitchen with herbs, grains and recipes that were so time consuming in past--all now so much faster and easier to do. I've even pulled out my copy of Nourishing Traditions to remind myself--cook real food for real nutrition.

And last but not least, I am glad it is natural unglazed clay-- it's the reason I selected it over other options--I especially did not want to ever have a rice cooker that was aluminum. So I just have to be more careful with it.

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