VitaClay Has Your Back During the Holidays!

VitaClay Has Your Back During the Holidays!

For most people, the holidays are a special time of gathering together with family and friends for food and great company. We look forward to our favorite holiday comfort foods all year long. Usually we put our diets on hold and allow ourselves to indulge in all of the decadence around us at parties, work functions and family gatherings.

But what if you didnÔÇÖt have to compromise? What if your holiday meals could be just as healthy as they are delicious, satisfying and comforting? When you are celebrating away from home you donÔÇÖt always have control over what food is served and how it is prepared, but when you are hosting you can show them just how delicious healthy can be!

Herbs and Spices

Spices are a potent (and delicious!) way to include antioxidants in your routine every day, but especially during the holidays. The warming spices of fall and winter pack a powerful nutritional punch, and as soon as the weather begins to cool, I start adding them to everything, from baked goods to coffee and more!

Check out this article about how just a small switch can make a huge nutritional difference during the holidays and every day!

  1. Cinnamon Besides containing cancer-fighting, immune-boosting polyphenols, did you know that cinnamon helps to warm your whole body and also controls blood sugar? Great news on chilly nights when sweets are on the menu!
  1. Nutmeg is said to be an aphrodisiac and a brain tonic, but did you know it also provides relief from indigestion and fights inflammation and pain? Pass the pumpkin pie!
  1. Clove is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, insulin-stabilizing, and an aphrodisiac. Clove oil is also a great oral numbing agent and helps with toothaches. I like to boil a few cloves in water, let it cool and use it as mouthwash. Fresh!
  1. Ginger is an all-star of the spice world. It warms the body and soothes stomachaches, nausea and indigestion. And did you know that if you drink ginger tea every day it is a more effective anti-inflammatory pain reliever than ibuprofen? Plus it is great for warding off the chills. Make your favorite beverage with ginger tea instead of water for an easy immune-boost with every sip!

Try out this delicious hot cider drink -- keep it on warm in VitaClay throughout your party and serve this festive drink from the cute clay pot!

  1. Sweet Potatoes┬áare sweet (especially if you get organic) yet they help to control blood sugar and insulin levels. Curb your sweet tooth with sweet potato casserole--itÔÇÖs just as good as dessert and itÔÇÖs healthy! Pile it on!

Try making this comforting, delicious, healthy candied sweet potato dish right in your VitaClay! Free up some oven space and let VitaClay take some of that holiday workload off your hands!

  1. Cranberries contain Proanthocyanidins, a chemical compound that inhibits bacteria from clinging to your teeth, thus helping to prevent tooth decay. Besides being heart-healthy and great for urinary tract health, cranberries are tart, sweet and delicious. Wow!

Try this fun twist on the classic cranberry sauce this season, or check for the traditional version--so easy with VitaClay!

  1. Turmeric┬áis anti-inflammatory and fights cancer like nobodyÔÇÖs business. It also protects your brain, your heart and your joints! Thousands of studies have been done on turmeric finding powerful anti-cancer benefits. ThatÔÇÖs enough reason to get turmeric in your diet every day! I love to sprinkle it in everything: starting with my eggs in the morning. Just heat oil in a cast-iron pan, and sprinkle in some turmeric powder and ground black pepper--Shazam!

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