Spice Up Your Holidays: Transform Flavor and Health

Spice Up Your Holidays: Transform Flavor and Health

What's one thing you can do that will take no extra effort, just pennies of extra cost, but will make all the difference in the flavor (not to mention nutrition) of every dish you cook this holiday season? We all have them in our house: unassuming little powders that pack a huge flavor punch. Most people don't realize how much nutrition is also incorporated in these little, often overlooked, kitchen necessities. Spices!

Headlines are rife with businesses going green and clean with their food: Chipotle eliminating GMOs, Panera eliminating artificial ingredients, Subway eliminating meat raised with antibiotics. This is a huge win for people everywhere! Processed food has been holding the reigns for too long, secretly cutting corners to save cost, and paying our health as the price. Because believe me, cheap food costs so much more than we'd ever dreamed. Now people are realizing that food matters. For health, food is almost everything. What you put into your body has a very real and automatic effect on your immediate and future health, as well as the health of generations to come.

And spices are no exception. Spices are so small they seem insignificant. How can a few specs of powder make any real difference in my health? Or in the taste of a dish? Next time you make apple pie, leave out the cinnamon and nutmeg, and you'll see what a difference it makes.

To take it a step further, next time you cook, switch out your old spices for organic ones. The cost might be a dollar difference, but you won't believe the difference in taste! And actually, studies show that organic and non-irradiated spices have potent anti-oxidant powers. Food really is medicine. So next time you reach for the spices to liven up your favorite holiday dishes, make this one simple switch and see what a difference it makes.

WorldÔÇÖs Largest Spice Company to Go Organic and Non-GMO by 2016 about how the largest US spice manufacturer is going all organic by 2016. Isn't that exciting? Education really is power! You and I have the power to turn multi-billion dollar food corporations in favor of our health. So grab your dollars and start voting!

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