Make Your Own 7 Layer Dip, Great for a Superbowl Party!

Make Your Own 7 Layer Dip, Great for a Superbowl Party!

Super bowl might as well be known as an official American holiday given the devotion that people give it every year. On the first Sunday in February, in the dead of winter, there will be Super bowl parties everywhere. Men (and a few women) will be hanging on every play and every ref call, and hoping their team will win.

For the rest of us, itÔÇÖs a party! People come over, thereÔÇÖs food, drinks, and snacks! If youÔÇÖre hosting a party like I am, youÔÇÖre probably starting to think about the menu already. If youÔÇÖre attending a party or watching the game at home, maybe youÔÇÖre just excited about the commercials. No matter what your motivation, great snack food for the big day is key.

One party favorite and something pretty much everyone loves is chips and dip.┬á This year IÔÇÖve been experimenting with my own 7 layer dip. The ones at the store are good, but itÔÇÖs so much better fresh, and so easy to make! And we can incorporate our own home-made refried beans too! Several of the ingredients in this dip are things you can make ahead in VitaClay┬áand then just put everything together on the big day! Easy peasy!




  1. In a cute bowl or other shallow dish, layer the ingredients in order
  2. Serve with tortilla chips, bread or pita chips


Tip: If you like onions, you can also add chopped green onions to the top, but then I guess it would be 8 layer dip!

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