Tomato Soup Recipe with Bone Broth for Beginners

Tomato Soup Recipe with Bone Broth for Beginners

Soup recipes are suitable for all VitaClay models!

One of my favorite quick meals, for myself or my son, is a grilled cheese on sourdough (made on the griddle with lots of butter!) accompanied by a warm tomato soup. Tomato soup is one of my favorites: itÔÇÖs delicious, warm and satisfying. ItÔÇÖs great topped with sour cream or with a little cheese melted in, and it accompanies a sourdough grilled cheese like nothing else.

I love tomato soup, but I don't like buying cans or even tetra-packs of pre-made soup. There are often preservatives, a lot of sodium, and possibly BPA in the lining of the packaging. So I like to make my own, but tomato soup can be time consuming and labor intensive, so I came up with a simple hack.  

This quick tip will have you enjoying delicious, nutritious tomato soup whenever you feel like a quick lunch or snack. My little trick is to use my favorite organic jarred (or homemade) tomato marinara sauce as a "tomato soup concentrate."

Simply heat up a bit of homemade broth (find our bone broth recipe here) and add ┬Ż-1 cup of your favorite red pasta sauce (home-made or otherwise) in your VitaClay cooker. Add noodles, chopped veggies, a bit of cream or some meat chunks, and you have a quick, nourishing soup! Add some meatballs or cooked beans to create a full meal.

This may seem like a bit of a ÔÇťcheat,ÔÇŁ mostly because it is. But we canÔÇÖt cook from-scratch meals 3 times a day every day; we know you are busy, and any short-cut that isn't a processed, canned sodium-filled nightmare is fine by us!

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