As American as Apple Pie ūüćé and‚Ķ hummus?

As American as Apple Pie ūüćé and‚Ķ hummus?

Sometimes it’s fun to follow these food holidays, as silly as they may be. 

And sometimes… they broaden our horizons and introduce us to our favorite foods, or remind us of old favorites. 

Today is National Apple Pie Day. 

Also National Hummus Day

Do you love apple pie? Do you eat it often or do you reserve it only for special occasions? 

Apple pie may seem like an indulgence that is only acceptable to eat on certain occasions, but with a couple of healthy ‚Äútweaks‚ÄĚ and made in clay, you can get that warm, comforting apple-cinnamony goodness any time!¬†

Check out our recipe for healthy apple pie filling below, and treat yourself to that apple-pie-goodness on the regular! 

What about hummus? Have you tried hummus? Do you eat it often? 

Beans may seem like a strange thing to want to dip your chips in… but hummus has become popular the past few years for good reason--it’s really yummy as a dip or a savory spread! 

Dip chips, crackers or veggie sticks in it, or spread it on a slice of sourdough bread--the perfect healthy (delicious) snack! 

And--you guessed it--you can make your own hummus easily and inexpensively in VitaClay as well! 

So today we leave you with something ‚Äúnew‚ÄĚ and something ‚Äúclassic.‚Ä̬†

Check out the recipes for both below! 

Happy Healthy Snacking! 

VitaClay Team 

Get Your (Healthy) Apple Pie On! 

Make Your Own Delicious, Healthy Hummus!

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