Summer Food Recipe Ideas with VitaClay!

Summer Food Recipe Ideas with VitaClay!

Summer Food Recipe Ideas with VitaClay!

The sun is shining, and now is the time for beaches and poolside fun!

If you’re anything like us, you want to have fresh, whole, nutritious food wherever you go—and we aim to make that as easy for you as possible. 

VitaClay isn’t your mother’s slow cooker—it’s great for summer food recipe ideas too. From potato salad to quinoa bowls and yogurt, VitaClay will keep you out of the kitchen and out in the sun, instead of slaving over a hot stove. 

One of our favorite features of the VitaClay mutli-cookers is the clay-batch yogurt you can make with just the push of a button. Have you ever seen clay-batch yogurt in your grocery store? (Probably not, because not many sell it). You won’t believe how expensive it is! $7-$8 for one serving! But when you tasted it… you’ll understand why!

Try this cool summer food recipe idea out sometime!

With VitaClay, you can make clay-batch yogurt in your own home for pennies on the dollar—basically just the cost of milk! How’s that for value?

We love yogurt because it is so versatile: it can make a savory sauce like tartar sauce, Indian yogurt sauce or ranch dressing, or it is delicious topped with berries and a little honey. Add it to a smoothie for a nutritional boost, or mix it with granola for a satisfying, protein-packed breakfast. 

Be sure to check out VitaClay Chef for even more summer on-the-go recipes that will keep you healthy and happy all summer long! 

Here’s to Sunshine!

VitaClay Team

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