New Normal: The Joke's (NOT) On You! 🤡

New Normal: The Joke's (NOT) On You! 🤡

It was just April Fool’s, and this past year may feel like it’s a big prank on all of us in one way or another, but as we step onto the road to collective recovery and healing, it’s time to look ahead and each think about what it takes to be healthy. 

We believe health is a choice we make every day, and that choice is manifested in your life: the foods that you eat, the physical activity you engage in, the social interactions you participate in, and the ways we all give back and help each other. 

When it comes to health, we all have a lot more control over our own circumstances than we sometimes realize or acknowledge. We love taking control of our health and teaching others how to do the same by making simple choices every day that make a huge impact. 

For example, did you know that cooking at home instead of eating out can make a huge difference not only in your wallet but in your waistline and overall health? 

Restaurants tend to use ingredients that we would never use in our homes, like MSG… so while eating out every so often is totally fine, eating out several times a week can take a toll in more ways than one. 

VitaClay makes cooking at home easier--and that’s good for both you and your budget! 

Check out these great recipes that are simple, quick and easy for you to get on with your life while taking control of your family’s health! 

Happy Easter Weekend!

VitaClay Team. 

Pot roast: a classic staple made EASY!

Use that Spring abundance: Veggie Chili!

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