What if BEER Was Actually Healthy?? ­čŹ╗

What if BEER Was Actually Healthy?? ­čŹ╗

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend full of the celebration of new life that Spring brings.  

On another note, did you know tomorrow is National Beer Day? 

When you think of beer you may think of your college days and drunken parties, or relaxing after work with a cold one. 

But did you know beer is a traditional food, and if brewed right, can be a healing food? 

The traditional beer brewing process uses probiotic bacteria and yeasts in the fermentation process, so if you buy a beer that is brewed more traditionally, there could actually be health benefits to drinking it, in moderation. 

Additionally, beer adds a unique flavor to dishes and is a key ingredient in some recipes. 

When cooking with alcohol, of course, the alcohol cooks out quickly so there should be no alcohol left in the final dish. 

Check out these delicious VitaClay recipes that include beer as an ingredient, and next time you go to buy a pack of beer, consider trying a local microbrew or other beer that has been brewed more traditionally. You may just find a new favorite and improve your health to boot! 

And of course any time drinking alcohol, please drink responsibly, never drive when drinking, and only drink alcohol if you are over 21 and not pregnant.

Happy cooking (and drinking)!

The VitaClay Team 

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