Take a Peek! ­čĹÇ WhatÔÇÖs on Your Table?┬á

Take a Peek! ­čĹÇ WhatÔÇÖs on Your Table?┬á

This weekend is Easter Sunday and many families come together for a family meal after the Easter service at church. 

What is on your table this weekend? 

Do you have a special Easter meal that you cook for your family, or a special side dish you bring to the holiday gathering? 

VitaClay is here to make your life easier, healthier and more delicious, so making some of your holiday dishes in VitaClay is a great way to prepare, store and take dishes to family gatherings with as little hassle and clean-up as possible. 

And your family will rave over the flavors and textures of the dishes you create. 

Bonus: the clay pot is a super cute serving dish! 

Check out our recipe section for lots of great ideas for side dishes, main dishes, soups, stews, chilis and one-pot meals. 

Here are a couple great recipes to get you started! 

Happy Easter and Happy Passover! 

The VitaClay Team

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