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rest while cooking dinner in vitaclay

We all have heard the term “Fight or Flight” but have you heard about “Rest and Digest”? It is the pleasant name for the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS); the other side of the nervous system that balances out the sympathetic nervous system (SNS).

For example, during a fight or flight response, the SNS increases heart rate and blood pressure. This is good for fleeing or fighting but bad for general daily existence (tiger yes, deadline no). Afterward, the PSNS works to slow the heart rate down and lower blood pressure. It also starts up bodily processes that were temporarily placed on hold (such as digestion) when the SNS was activated.

If you are in a continual state of flight or flight, you are not allowing your body to do its job of digesting and assimilating the nutrients in your food, nor are you fully breathing (hyperventilating does not count), and you are disrupting your hormones which usually keep things in check.

The good news is that you do not need an Italian-style siesta although that would be lovely. Simply give yourself 5 good minutes if that is all you can spare and 10 is even better!

The best way to kick in the system is to lie on your back with your feet elevated above your heart. Next, try breathing deeply and fully, simply enjoying a few peaceful minutes.

This is especially easy while your dinner is cooking in your VitaClay cooker.

Try Kale and Chard-

Anti-inflammatory Leafy Greens-Kale and Chard Cooked in VitaClay for 10 minutes Perfect to “pair” with any proteins!

OR Hungarian Goulash in Clayfor a warming winter meal:

Hungarian Goulash in Clay
- Melissa Ford Cox, the Nutritionist 

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