Pork Tenderloin is Quick, Easy and Delicious in Clay!

Pork Tenderloin is Quick, Easy and Delicious in Clay!

Suitable for VitaClay models VM7700 and VM7900 series only. 

Pork tenderloin is a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth meat dish that can be easy to prepare, but sometimes in the oven it can come out a bit dry. Fortunately with VitaClay, meat drying out is never an issue! The VitaClay housing seals, which keeps the steam and liquids in, steaming in flavor, texture and nutrients while it cooks. 

This pork tenderloin is so moist and delicious it will soon become a family favorite and an easy holiday entr├ęe.┬á


  • 1 c broth
  • 1 T soy sauce or tamari
  • 1 T honey
  • ┬Ż t red pepper flakes
  • ┬Ż c balsamic vinegar
  • 1 (2-3 lb) boneless pork tenderloin
  • 2 garlic cloves (chopped)
  • 1 T Worcestershire sauce


  1. Place the pork tenderloin into the VitaClaypot.
  2. Mix all remaining ingredients and pour the mixture over the pork.
  3. Cover, seal and cook on "stew" for 1 hour. Check to ensure it is cooked through the middle.
  4. Using tongs, remove tenderloin from the pot onto a serving dish.
  5. Slice and ladle about ┬╝ ÔÇô ┬Ż cup of the liquid from the pot over the meat.
  6. Remaining sauce can be stored for future use. 
Yield: 6 ÔÇô 8 servings

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Beverly Ellis
Beverly Ellis

May 05, 2019

I fixed this for dinner and it was a hit. A very tasty, moist tenderlion. I served it with braised spinach, roasted little potatoes, and baked beans. I love VitaClay.

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