The Link Between Your Digestive Health and Mental Health

The Link Between Your Digestive Health and Mental Health

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Improving your mental health by managing stress and anxiety is more important than ever in this period. Those who suffer from depression and anxiety have been found to have a shortage of key neurotransmitters. While real life events are often a trigger to mental health struggles, you can employ healthy and natural ways to help you cope and keep your mental attitude positive. The key to keeping up your mental health lies in the link between your gut health and brain health. The vagus nerve connects the brain directly to the gut, keeping the two systems in constant communication. This is because two of the most uplifting neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine, along with other important neurotransmitters are also produced in the gut. 

Research has found that these neurotransmitters are produced by specific gut microbiota.  This means we can physically make changes to our diet to influence the production of these microbiota and consequently increase the presence of these mood boosting neurotransmitters. Though pharmaceuticals also have the effect of recycling neurotransmitters for resuse along with other methods up boosting uptake, they may have unwelcome side effects and risky long term consequences. Changing your diet is a natural and easy change you can make yourself that has many other positive effects. Along with mental health, your digestive health is also linked to a whole host of other health topics including metabolism, energy, hormones, skin health, and more. Failing to maintain your gut health may decrease performance in all other areas including mental. That's why it's even more important that you are consuming the correct healthy foods that will likewise create a healthy gut microbiome for your digestive system.  

The key to a healthy mind is a healthy diet, and you can actively make these changes yourself with the help of VitaClay. Read about the health benefits of bone broth and discover how to make your own flavorful and comforting bone broth recipe below!

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