If you have never had rice made in clay—you’re in for a treat! Rice cooked in a rice cooker is great, but rice cooked in a clay rice cooker takes it to a whole new level! You won’t believe the texture, the flavor, the perfection of rice cooked in VitaClay! And cooking rice in VitaClay couldn’t be easier: it is pre-programmed to cook perfect rice every time: just add rice and liquid, set to the appropriate rice setting (white, brown, sweet) and let VitaClay work its magic!

Here are a few tips for getting perfect rice every time:

  • ALWAYS use the rice setting for rice dishes (if making a “soupy” dish with rice, like soup or porridge, slow cooking settings can be used).

  • NEVER use slow cooking settings for making “dry” rice, such as for a side dish or a “bed” for other dishes.

  • ONLY use 7700 and 7900 models to make rice. They have a dedicated rice cooker function that is optimized for making rice. Attempting to cook rice on the slow cooking settings is a recipe for a problem, and will invalidate your warranty.

  • BROTH can be used as a substitute for water when making rice: it’s a great way to boost taste and nutrition!

  • SPICE IT UP! For even more flavor, add a no-salt spice blend and a dab of butter or coconut oil before cooking. I also like to add a dash of turmeric and black pepper—it spices up the color and the flavor!

  • BLENDS are delicious. Wild or black rice mixed in with the regular rice can kick plain rice up a notch—you can even add quinoa or other rice-like grains and cook it all together on the rice setting!

  • ONE-POT MEALS are the best! Chop up some veggies like mushrooms, peppers and onions and throw them into the pot before starting the rice cycle. You can even cook sausage or other meats into the rice. If you’re making fish, add a thawed filet to the top of the rice about 10 minutes before the cooking cycle ends.

  • ALWAYS allow your rice to “rest” on warm after the cooking cycle ends. When you hear that beep, don’t run into the kitchen and serve it up. Wait 10-20 minutes and let the rice to fully “steam.” This makes a big difference and the rice is much better when you do this!

  • We recommend to NOT leave the rice on warm for more than 1 hour. The warm setting is actually at low temperature (about 160 F) setting so it can dry out the rice over the course if it’s left on warm for too long. If you are away from home and your rice may stay warm for longer hours, you have two options- (a) use delay start timer (for VM7900 models only); (b) add a little extra water in cooking to allow the moisture being absorbed by the porous clay. 

  • When rice cooking cycle completes, if you want to avoid rice stick to the bottom, (a) keep the cover closed at serving; (b) let your rice to settle in Warm for 10-15 minutes to allow moisture to settle to the bottom. 
  • ALWAYS stir the rice and add a few tablespoons of liquid when using the “reheat” feature. I love the “reheat” function (7900 series). It’s a great way to re-steam rice and make it taste freshly made, even if it’s been in the fridge for a few days. Simply stir the rice (lift it from the bottom of the clay pot so it doesn’t stick or burn) and add a splash of water or broth. Close it up and hit “reheat” and you’ll have fresh-tasting rice in about 10 minutes!

Once you taste rice in VitaClay, you’ll never want to go back to cooking rice in anything else! Following these simple guidelines will ensure you have a quick, successful, delicious rice cooking experience every time!

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