Compare Pressure Cookers, Slow Cookers, Rice Cookers

How to choose VitaClay Pressure Cooker, Bone Broth Cooker, Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Multicooker

Many people may get confused about cooking volume in VitaClay cookers. Did you know that vitaclay's  6-quart cooker is almost equivalent to the size of the pressure cooker's 9-quart, and 4-quart of vitaclay cooker is equivalent to pressure cooker's 6-quart? Why?

A pressure cooker shouldn't be more than 2/3rds full. With liquids, avoid filling more than half full. Overfilling leads to food being ejected from the pressure release valve ÔÇô a messy business. If this does happen, you'll need to take apart and clean the parts thoroughly.┬áWith VitaClay, you may load your foods all the way to the top.┬á

The key differences between VitaClay, rice cooker, slow cooker, and pressure cooker--

  1. A Slow Cooker or Crock Pot can take 8 - 10 hours to produce decent results. The VitaClay can deliver exquisite results 500% FASTER
  2. VitaClay is not a pressure cooker that will choke out the nutrients and flavors of your food in a puff of steam.
  3. The VitaClay lives perfectly in the space in between. Slight pressure, to be exact, I should┬ásay sealed cooking, check in on results like a chef and add produce at the end to ensure freshness and crisp bright colors.┬áYou canÔÇÖt do this in a pressure cooker easily.
  4. Clay is NOT metal, so there is no metal transfer to food.
  5. Clay is naturally alkaline and slow heat allows a full bouquet of flavors to develop.
  6. VitaClay combines the best of both worlds of crock pot and pressure cooker yet delivers a better end cuisine.  

While there are many aspects in comparisons from different angles, here we have put them together for your review-

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