How is VITACLAY different from pressure cookers and conventional slow cookers? Part I.

How is VITACLAY different from pressure cookers and conventional slow cookers? Part I.

Everyone wants a quick, easy and healthy meal on the dinner table without sacrificing family time. We know the exact ingredients and nutrients we want to put in our bodies and feed our families. Now, between pressure cookers, VITACLAY and conventional slow cookers, how do I make a choice?

We will break down these choices for you here.
  1. Cooking time in many pressure cookers is misleading.
    When a pressure cooker recipe says 5 minutes to cook ribs, it "forgets" to add the time to build up and release pressure. VitaClay uses traditional heating methods to heat foods evenly, and retains a consistent temperature inside without high pressure. When the clay is heated up, it will store the energy in the pot, using the energy stored to cook foods for the rest of the desired time with minimal electricity. Compared to conventional slow cookers, VitaClay cuts cooking time and energy consumption by half!
  1. Can you open pressure cookers in the middle of cooking to add veggies or adjust taste?
    In pressure cookers, you have to wait to release pressure and wait for pressure to build. This is time consuming and not practical. In a conventional slow cookers, every time the lid is opened heat escapes and it takes approximately 20-30 minutes for the slow cooker to come back up to the set temperature. With VitaClay, it runs double the power of traditional conventional slow cookers, and you can open the lid to add ingredients or adjust taste without much time delay.
  1. Does the cooker's silicon ring transfer flavor to your next recipe?
    With pressure cookers, we have heard many complaints about silicon ring odors. The silicon ring needs a deep cleaning to remove the smells. VitaClay doesn’t have this problem because only clay touches your food. Over the past 12 years, we have not heard a single complaint about VitaClay transferring the flavor to your next meal, even smoked meat!
  1. Does anyone know if pressure cookers or conventional slow cookers cook foods in 20 minutes?
    Forget about a conventional slow cookers cooking a meal in 20 minutes.  It won't even heat up until an hour or two later! You may try it in a pressure cooker, but keep in mind, you have to wait for the time to release the scary pressure. What if you are in a hurry and chance the risk of rushing the pressure release? It is actually dangerous as steam can be high temperature and burn you! In VitaClay, you can always rest assured there is no pressure build up inside your cooker. You can cook one pot pasta meal with perfect texture and a full flavor in only 20 minutes. Check 30 minutes meal videos here!
  1. Is your VITACLAY hard to clean?

Not at all, you simply clean the clay insert in hot running water with or without cleaning detergent, or wipe or brush it out. There’s no need to work hard to clean other parts in a pressure cooker.

  1. Is rice of perfect texture if cooked from a VitaClay?

If you try to cook your rice in a pressure cooker and then compare it to rice made in a VitaClay, then do a blind taste. We promise you VitaClay would win the verdict, from the earthy flavor to fluffiness and softness. There is no metal or plastic taste in your rice!

  1. Which cooker is the healthiest choice to make bone broth and creates the most gelatin and collagen?

Again, do a side by side comparison and do a blind taste. VitaClay creates richer flavors and textures with more gel and collagen, which means more nutrition in your bone broth! Here is what a happy farmer said--

  1. Between pressure cookers and conventional slow cookers, which one is the best one to retain the most nutrients?

Clay vs metal - Consistent heat vs high pressure and high temperature. Cooking this way will destroy nutrients. MSG in broth may change the molecule of the broth to toxin. see the link-

  1. Can you steam your veggies in 20 minutes to retain vibrant fresh color?

With a pressure cooker, you can't peek inside to see doneness. Steam your veggies in your VitaClay for 20 minutes to see the difference it makes over soggy textures and duo color vs vibrant color and perfect texture made in VitaClay.

All in all, VitaClay is

  1. Safer, easy one-stop cooking vs. waiting for pressure release 
  2. Traditional heating in clay vs pressure build up and high pressure to cook your foods
  3. Safer and easy without toxic heavy metals. 
  4. Easy to add in ingredients in cooking without wait time to build up pressure and no scary pressure release  
  5. VitaClay saves energy by half- once the heat is built up, the clay uses the stored energy to cook for the rest of time with minimum electricity. 
  6. Clay vs metal, means even consistent heating in your foods vs high pressure high temperature that destroy nutrients. 
  7. No flavor transfer in your VitaClay and easy to clean by rinsing in hot water
  8. Easy meal in 20-30 minutes whether it is one pot pasta, or one pot rice meal, or steamed veggies in 20 minutes! Cook everything in half the time of conventional slow cookers. 
  9. Best fluffy rice every time, or nutrient dense stew, or bone broth with Superior flavor and texture. Plus the best creamy Greek yogurt. Nourishing tradition has never made so easy!

We hope you are making a right decision for you and your loved ones! Happy holidays!

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