The tenderest way cooking a bird in vitaclay

The tenderest way cooking a bird in vitaclay

Have you tried the easiest, the simplest way, the tenderest way cooking a bird in vitaclay, cook in just an hour? Simply add your favorite seasoning herbs (taco seasoning, or make your own...) and 1 cup water. Set it on stew or fast then walk away!

Forget about unhealthy metal taste added in your foods in pressure cookers, the incredible tenderness in clay you just canÔÇÖt beat. How about the cooking speed on birds? It rivals the IP when you add in coming up to pressure and then back down to release.

Most importantly, clay preserves more essential nutrients in your foods. Better nutrition helps build stronger immunity and keep you stay healthy. Oh, forgot to mention, to make it most economical, throwing in the leftover (carcass) after dinner in your vitaclay, you can make a delicious, nutritious gut healing bone broth. ThatÔÇÖs actually one of my most favorite weekly nourishing routine, lol.┬á­čśŐ Cook with me and I will help you ÔÇťStay on top of your gameÔÇŁ, cooking the healthy way, the vitaclay chef way!

This recipe is best made with our premium Smart Organic Multi-Cooker, Organic Clay Stock Pot, and our 3 in 1 Slow Cooker, Yogurt Maker, and Baby Food Maker:



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