Sleep Better Tonight with Mung Bean Lotus Soup

Sleep Better Tonight with Mung Bean Lotus Soup

Creamy Detox anti inflammatory mung bean lentil soup with lotus seeds, sticky millet and Lily bulb.

Lotus seeds nourish your heart and kidney and help relieve mental stress promoting good night sleep . Lotus seeds contain the anti-aging enzyme L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase, which helps to repair damaged proteins. They contain kaempferol, a natural flavonoid which prevents inflammation, which helps repair aging gum tissue.

According to TCM, lily bulbs have sweet and slightly cold properties, and are associated with the Lung and Heart meridians. Lily bulbs are used to relieve coughs, dry throats and other respiratory conditions, to clear away heat, and to treat insomnia and heart palpitations. Its tonic properties make it a good herb for promoting restful sleep and treating restlessness and irritability.

In the previous post, we’ve discussed the anti inflammatory properties in mung beans and tasty lentils’ health benefits. You may search mung bean lentil recipes from our

A handful of each makes up to 1-2 cups, add 5 X water or broth, seasonings or bone broth or veggie broth or simply sea salt to taste. Cook for 1 hour in your Vitaclay for 1 hour on slow cook cooking.



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