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Quick and Easy One-Step, One-Pot Pasta for Dinner

August 10, 2017

Quick and Easy One-Step, One-Pot Pasta for Dinner

Suitable for VitaClay Models: VS7600, VF7700, VM7900
Love pasta but want it fast?  Hate all of the steps, all of the dishes, all of the clean-up? Well,   VitaClay  might just be your new best friend.
We’ve got a great quick meal for one or two, that you can create in your own space in a snap! Or make a little more and keep it to heat up later—everybody knows pasta tastes even better the next day!
This recipe will really work for any type of pasta and any pasta sauce. Just add your favorites to the pot, seal it up, set it, and go! Add any of your favorite veggies or meats to make it even more satisfying!
  • 1 cup pasta (any type)
  • 1 ¾ cups water or broth
  • ½ cup pasta sauce
  • Meatballs, veggies or other add-ins
  • Simply throw everything into VitaClay, set on stew for 30 minutes, and your pasta meal is ready! Al dente deliciousness was never so easy!
*You can also pre-load all of the ingredients and set VitaClay to start cooking later, so your meal will be fresh and tasty when you’re ready to eat. Whether you want your dinner ready when you get home from work or you need to run a few quick errands, it’s safe and easy to have VitaClay double as your personal chef.

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