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Leftover Turkey? How About Barbeque Turkey Sloppy Joes?

March 30, 2017

Leftover Turkey? How About Barbeque Turkey Sloppy Joes?

Suitable for ANY VitaClay Model!

I look forward to Thanksgiving every year because I love turkey! There’s just something about Thanksgiving turkey that tastes like nothing else. But turkeys are big. Who was it that recommended 2lbs of turkey per person, anyway?

2 pounds?!

Nobody is going to eat 2 pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving. An ambitious eater might eat ¼ lb with all of the other things to choose from. So you bought that 25 pound turkey and now it seems like you have 20 pounds of it left over. And turkey-and-mayo-on-white only goes so far. So let’s mix it up a bit. Let’s start a new tradition. How about slow-cooked barbeque turkey sloppy joes? It’s simple and delicious, and next year you’ll be buying the big turkey just so you can have more of these.


  • ½ cup broth
  • Leftover turkey
  • Barbeque sauce, to cover
  • Your bread of choice (it rocks on a good sourdough)
  • Sliced onions to top (optional)


  1. Add the broth, turkey and barbeque sauce to the VitaClay pot
  2. Stir to coat Cook for 20-30 minutes on “soup,” "slow," or "low" setting
  3. Shred the meat with a fork
  4. Top with onions on bread

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