How to cook Kitchari (basmati rice and split mung bean) in VitaClay Quick Slow Cooker?

How to cook Kitchari (basmati rice and split mung bean) in VitaClay Quick Slow Cooker?

Traditional kitchari recipe is made with simple basmati rice and split mung bean along with a few digestive spices as a transitional Ayurvedic dish. It is a delicious, comforting, nourishing vegetarian / vegan dish. You may use white or brown rice of your choice.  Practitioners claim a kitchari cleanse may help:
  • eliminate accumulated toxins from the mind and body tissues.
  • improve digestion and restore regular bowel movements.
  • remove heaviness or congestion in the body.
  • support a healthy body weight or weight loss.
  • improve energy and vitality.
  • promote overall health and wellness.
According to School of Ayurvedic Diet & Digestion, you can start building digestive strength by following a kitchari cleanse. This program helps detoxify the body by cleansing ama, and also resets metabolism by encouraging a diet of easily digestible foods. When agni is strong, you become a more efficient fat burner and your body is in a better position to lose weight.


  • 1/2¬†cup¬†moong dal¬†split mung beans
  • 1/2¬†cup¬†Basmati (or brown) rice
  • 4¬†cups¬†water
  • 1¬†tablespoon¬†ghee¬†coconut oil or avocado oil for vegan-friendly
  • 1¬†teaspoon¬†cumin seeds
  • 1/2¬†teaspoon¬†minced fresh ginger¬†or a pinch of¬†ground ginger powder
  • 1/4¬†teaspoon¬†ground turmeric
  • 1¬†teaspoon¬†sea salt
  • 1/4¬†teaspoon¬†black pepper
  • 1/2¬†cup¬†chopped fresh cilantro and¬†slices¬†of lime or lemon (for garnish)


  1. In a medium bowl, combine the rice and moong dal. Pour enough water to cover the mixture and soak for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, pour the mixture into a fine mesh strainer and rinse with cold water until it runs clear. Transfer to your vitaclay clay pot.  Season with sea salt and black pepper. Stir and add the 4 cups of water.
  2. Warm the oil or ghee on medium-low heat in a medium pot. Carefully add the cumin seeds and let them cook for about a minute until the seeds start to brown and become fragrant. Add the ginger and ground turmeric and stir for a minute. Transfer to your vitaclay clay pot.
  3. Set on stew to cook for 30 - 40 minutes or until the texture becomes soft. (Optional: let it sit in warm cycle for additional 10-15 minutes as needed)



Image and ingredients courtesy of We modified and simplified to cook in vitaclay clay pot.

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