Crab Tomato-Basil Bisque Slow Simmered in Clay Recipe

Crab Tomato-Basil Bisque Slow Simmered in Clay Recipe

Love seafood but think you have to go to an expensive seafood restaurant to enjoy a great bisque?

Think again. VitaClay makes this formerly daunting recipe quick and easy--great for a light meal or an appetizer for a killer dinner party.


Crab is a special treat that makes this soup pop like nothing else. Your guests will love it, and it will become a family favorite in no time.



  • 2 c broth
  • 2 T butter
  • 10 oz. crabmeat (fresh)
  • 1 tomato (seeded chopped about 12 cup)
  • 3 T chopped fresh basil
  • 2 garlic cloves (minced)
  • ┬Ż c all-purpose flour (use tapioca or another starch if gluten free)
  • 1/2 c tomato sauce
  • 1 c whipping cream
  • ┬╝ c ketchup
  • ┬╝ c bottled clam juice
  • 2 t old bay seasoning (your favorite mixed spice blend will do)
  • ┬╝ t hot pepper sauce
  • ┬ż c water
  • 2 T fresh lemon juice


  1. Add broth, butter, 3/4 of crabmeat, tomato, 1/3 cup chopped fresh basil, and garlic to the VitaClay pot.
  2. Set to "stew" and allow to heat up and cook for about 10 minutes.
  3. Whisk in flour; stir 2 minutes.
  4. Whisk in tomato sauce and next 5 ingredients.
  5. Cover, seal and allow to simmer until slightly thickened, about 10 minutes.
  6. Cancel the heat and open the pot for a few minutes until slightly cooled.
  7. Using a hand immersion blender, puree soup in batches in blender until smooth.
  8. Stir in another 1/2 cup broth and lemon juice; bring to simmer.
  9. Season with salt and pepper.
  10. (Can be made 1 day ahead. Chill uncovered until cold, then cover and keep refrigerated. Bring to simmer before continuing.)
  11. Divide soup among 6 bowls.
  12. Sprinkle with remaining crab and 3 tablespoons basil and serve.

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