Amazake "Sweet Sake" in VitaClay!

Amazake "Sweet Sake" in VitaClay!

Learning to make Amazake (pronounced as "ah-mah-ZAH-kay"), Literally means ÔÇťsweetÔÇŁ ÔÇťsakeÔÇŁ, or Chinese calls it ÔÇťfermented sweet rice wineÔÇŁ. Fermented rice wine has also been linked to better blood circulation and enhanced body metabolism. Citric and lactic acids in rice wine help with food digestion. When food is properly digested, nutrients are better sorted out and transferred to the right body organs.

How I made it? First, I steamed the rice, cooled the rice, mixed the rice with the yeast, and covered it in my Vitaclay pot on yogurt setting for 24 hours. The sweet rice will begin to ferment and produce rice wine, which is like a sweeter version of sake.

I can taste the sweet wine now! Almost there! You can see the sweet wine in the hole.

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