Pack a Lunch and GO! ­čą¬

Pack a Lunch and GO! ­čą¬

Do you ever pack a lunch? 

Whether it's for work, school, a picnic or a road trip, packing lunches can be an affordable way to make sure everyone eats healthy even when on the go or away from home. 

What are your brown-bag go-to's when you pack a lunch? 

When you know you will need to pack several lunches for the week (or for a trip), it can be a good idea to make a batch meal and then prep out each meal in individual containers. 

I have found that doing this not only cuts down on costs but everyone is happy because we have plenty to eat while taking a long trip in the car, so we don't have to stop as often and we can get where we are going faster! 

Let VitaClay help you with ideas, recipes and batch meals that you can easily pack and take on-the-go! 

Grab some chicken drumsticks or sliced up roast meat paired with cheese, crackers or bread, fruit or nuts and you have a great, satisfying meal without the mess! 

Save money, save time and save your waistline by cooking at home and  packing a lunch more often! 

Happy travels! 

VitaClay Team


Here are a couple of recipe ideas that travel well. Check out our recipes section for even more! 

Build-Your-Own Tacos, Sandwiches or Salads with This!

Quinoa Kale Salad--Filling and Yummy! 


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