Got Allergies? Here's the Secret to Beating Them!

Got Allergies? Here's the Secret to Beating Them!

Springtime is finally here! 

Spring is a time of life, color and vibrance. All the world explodes with color: green trees, wildflowers in the field, and blooms everywhere! 

Spring is beautiful, but many people dread spring because ofÔÇŽ ALLERGIES!┬á

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies, or any other type of allergies? 

If you do, you may feel like allergies are just a fact of life and there is nothing you can do about it, besides taking allergy medications. 

Fortunately, that couldnÔÇÖt be further from the truth!┬á

Allergies have everything to do with our health: Gut health is the root of our overall health, and our gut microbiome also regulates how we react to histamines and irritants like pollen, pet dander and food allergens. 

The good news is that there is something you can do to heal from any kind of allergy--improve your gut health! 

But how do I improve my gut health? 

Diet is of course foundational. Whatever we eat feeds either the ÔÇťgood guysÔÇŁ or the ÔÇťbad guysÔÇŁ in our digestive tract. ThatÔÇÖs good news--because the choices we make directly affect our health and how we feel every day, including allergies!┬á

Another great way to support your gut health is to get good probiotics! Fortunately, VitaClay can help with not only your every day mealsÔÇŽ several of our cookers also have built-in yogurt makers so you can infuse your gut microbiome with ÔÇťgood guysÔÇŁ every day too!┬á

What choices are you making today? 

Check out a couple of great recipe ideas below to get you on your way to a healthy, happy gut, and by extension a healthy, happy you! 

Happy Springtime! 

Leah and the VitaClay team

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