Superfoods to the Rescue? Separating Fact from Agenda

Superfoods to the Rescue? Separating Fact from Agenda

How often do you see a news headline or article touting a brand new "superfood?" Maybe it's an Amazonian or Asian fruit you've never heard of. Maybe it has spikes and crazy colors or looks like some kind of exotic marine animal. 

Maybe the only way you can buy it is in juice form from an MLM company because it can only be found in the deepest jungles of Indonesia. Or maybe it's something you pass by at the grocery store every time you visit. Maybe it's something you take for granted because it's always there, and you rarely eat it. Maybe it's something like celery. Or cinnamon. Or turmeric powder. Or apples. Or seaweed.

Things that are plentiful, cheap and easy to access, either locally or online. I read Celery for High Blood Pressure today about how celery juice can lower blood pressure. Celery? Ubiquitous, non-assuming, versatile celery? That vegetable that people used to say had no nutritional value? So I could juice celery to lower my blood pressure instead of popping a $3 pill prescribed by my doctor. A pill that has 25 side effects, including a rare possibility of death from stroke. Interesting. And why doesn't everyone know this?

I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but in the case of big food, it's kind of a conspiracy. See, food heals. Think about it: drug companies get the idea for their "healing" drugs somewhere, right? There is an active ingredient somewhere on the planet that will heal the thing they are trying to cure: diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, autism. They research these "old wives tales" and they procure these ingredients. Then they isolate the "active ingredient" and run tests to prove it works. Then they will usually chemically manufacture a synthetic version of this same active ingredient so they can produce it in mass quantities on the cheap. Then they market it to doctors and sell it to us at a 4000% markup. Then we suffer, slowly and painfully, because their drugs have side effects that we then go to the doctor to complain about.

We are in turn prescribed more drugs to deal with the uncomfortable side effects. Each of those drugs then also produces unwanted side effects. Ad infinitum. That's how we get to the place where at 55 years old a woman is taking 18 different pills and feels like crap all the time, and eventually is diagnosed with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue because the doctors have no idea what's wrong with her.

Guess what? More pills. But maybe her body is just overloaded with chemicals and it has shut down. It can't deal. Maybe if, 15 years ago, when she was diagnosed with high blood pressure (related to stress from her 60+ hour work week, which she has long since quit because of health problems), she took celery juice instead of the pill her doctor prescribed...maybe she would be a whole different person today.

Maybe that one action would have changed her whole life. Maybe every little decision we make has a ripple effect for the rest of our lives. Maybe our health really is in our hands. Maybe education is everything. Check out the free screening for Sacred Science, which reveals the power of superfoods around the world. Free to watch for a limited time.

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