spaghetti squash potato soup

spaghetti squash potato soup

Cooking in VitaClay to keep your kitchen cool in summer and Save your oven heat! More fun for you and family!

This┬á#Keto┬á#lowcarb┬á#onepotmeal┬áspaghetti squash is so easy to ÔÇťbakeÔÇŁ in VitaClay. Simply add 3 cups water and set on stew or fast for 30 minutes.

This #nutritious spaghetti squash potato soup helps me lose weight fast! Adding homemade #bonebroth or #vegetablebroth or #chickenbroth is even better and tastier! It will boost your energy naturally too!

By the way, VitaClay helps you save energy by using 60% less energy than your motherÔÇÖs slow cooker. And it cooks 500% faster.

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