5 Reasons A Vitaclay Cooker Makes a GREAT Father's Day Gift...

5 Reasons A Vitaclay Cooker Makes a GREAT Father's Day Gift...

We know ANY Father in your life would LOVE a NEW Vitaclay cooker for Father's Day and here are 5 reasons why: 

1. Time Saved in the Kitchen. Dads are often busy taking care of us but when they aren't, they have hobbies they love. More time saved in the Kitchen = more time doing what they love, including spending time with you.

2. Money Saved. Dads love that the Vitaclay not only saves the family money on food but also saves money on their energy bill. Instead of using an oven during the summer, the Vitaclay helps limit extra heat in your house.

3. Easy Meal Prep.  Dads love how easy the Vitaclay makes it to eat fresh and clean food. For example, they'll enjoy eating a healthy breakfast like steel-cut oats or homemade yogurt to fuel their day instead of a bowl of cereal or swinging through McDonald's. Not only is it better for their health but also keeps them more energized and productive during the day.

4. Better Taste. Instead of swinging through the drive-through after a late-night T-ball game, your dad will love coming home to a home-cooked meal. He not only saves money but the homecooked food tastes better than a cheap reheated hamburger with soggy fries.

5. The Health Benefits. By swapping out processed foods with fresh ingredients and easily absorbable nutrients, your dad's health is bound to improve. Not only will his current health symptoms improve but he will find himself living a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle that ensures he'll be a youthful grandpa and great-grandpa one day too! 

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 It's the perfect way to say "Thanks Dad" for all he does! 

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