Buried in TAXES? 🤓 Let Dinner Make Itself!

Buried in TAXES? 🤓 Let Dinner Make Itself!

Tax day may have been extended by a little bit this year, but if you’re anything like me, you just want it to be DONE so it’s not hanging over your head any longer! 

If you are buried in piles of paperwork, you may not have the energy to get up and make dinner for the family--but we’ve all got to eat! 

Don’t let that pizza or fast food call your name--VitaClay to the rescue! 

We have hundreds of recipes on our site in the recipe section, and they are ALL designed to make your life easier. 

Most of them require little planning: just add all of the ingredients to the clay pot and VitaClay does the rest! 

And don’t hesitate to let VitaClay make dinner for you EVERY night of the year. Once you see how quick and easy nutritious, delicious, whole-food, home-cooked meals can be… you will never go back! 

Happy filing and happy cooking! 

VitaClay Team

One Pot Olive & Lemon Chicken Pasta

Vegetarian One Pot Brown Rice Bowl For the Win (and Easy Clean-up)

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