Heal your gut... VitaClay 12 Days of Giving

The saying goes, ÔÇťyou are what you eatÔÇŁ but it really should be ÔÇťyou are what you absorbÔÇŁ. These days many people suffer for poor gut health which causes all sorts of issues from allergies and indigestion to arthritis and joint pain. If your gut is unhealthy you are not absorbing all of the nutrients your body needs. A great first step in healing your gut (and staying healthy) is to consume collagen and mineral-rich bone broth. No gut issues?┬áBone broth is great for your hair, skin, nails ÔÇô basically it is a great tasting beauty beverage!

At VitaClay we are all about homemade health and healing. Now bone broth can be expensive if you purchase it but making it in your VitaClay is easy and inexpensive. 

Try these soup in bone broth-



Chicken Bone Broth 

Chicken Bone Broth Made Easy in Vitaclay



- Malissa Ford Cox, the Nutritionist 

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