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Headlines Warn of Potential Toxins in Everyday Cookware

January 18, 2017

Headlines Warn of Potential Toxins in Everyday Cookware

Nutritional news headlines warn us about the dangers of Teflon-coated aluminum, plastics and other potential toxins in our cookware, but safe, convenient alternatives are not readily available. The healthy-minded consumer is on a mission to find a safe medium for home cooking while preserving taste and convenience. VitaClay is the answer; and it’s got people talking:

"The construction quality is very high. It is super easy to clean. The controls are easy to use. The design looks nice. I feel I got a lot of value for my money." --Dave Shepherd, Satisfied Customer

"If you are worried about teflon-type coatings that most rice cookers have, then this is definitely the way to go. I also feel the clay retains heat and yields a better finished rice in the end. We've done everything from Thai sticky rice to Mexican rice..sushi rice is very moist but not wet. Even rice pudding." --G. Likong

"I bought this cooker after extensively searching for a non-aluminum, non-teflon programmable rice cooker." --Michael D. Shanahan, Austin, TX

"We use it at least once a week! We mostly cook brown rice in it but have done a few slow cooked meals including some garlic potatoes. Everything turns out perfect and it's super easy. Just throw it in there, press "Go" and walk away! Awesome!" -- Ashley Barabas, CO

"Produces top grade stews with full flavor in two hours. A real addition to the kitchen arsenal." --Janet, San Francisco, CA

"Is there a better and safer rice cooker on the market anywhere? I have not found one. I think the VitaClay rice cookers are the best available - and the price is incredibly low too. If I ever find myself in a position to give a rice cooker as a gift, I will only give a VitaClay. And I will not cook with anything else myself."  --Dave

Calling all retailers! We’ve had people calling from all over the country, looking for a place to buy VitaClay locally. Be the first in your area to fill this demand, and when people recommend VitaClay to their friends, they will come to you first.

VitaClay® offers the peace of mind of all-natural, toxin-free, mineral-rich clay in a safe, electronic housing. Pre-programmable, you can set it and forget it. Cook whole food, delicious meals, ready when you are, with the touch of a button.

VitaClay®: The Latest Innovation in Ancient Nutrition

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