Check Out the Highly-Anticipated NEW VitaClay Stock Pot!

Check Out the Highly-Anticipated NEW VitaClay Stock Pot!

It's finally here!

Over the years we've had a few models of our clay-pot electric cookers that make the best rice, yogurt and stew you've ever tasted.

And people love them! The only thing we keep hearing is that people want a bigger one!

People like to make big batches of bone broth, stews, soups and other meals, and freeze or refrigerate them for later in the week.

Well, we listened, and now the new and bigger VitaClay Smart Organic Multi-Crocks NÔÇÖ Stock Pot (Clay)┬áis finally here!

So get on over to our website and check out this new beauty--available in both the traditional unglazed clay and now also in white stoneware as well! And for a limited time they are on sale!

We've gotten a lot of inquiries about when our much-anticipated new stock pot will be in--and it's finally here! We are happy to announce that our biggest VitaClay ever: the 6.5 quart cooker is now available to order on our website.

For the moment it is only available on our website, but soon you will see this new model at all of your favorite retailers, so stay tuned for that!

Here at VitaClay we're all about innovation. We love technology, even if it's not always the best for our health. So we try to think up better and new ways of staying healthy while still taking advantage of technology and the convenience it can offer to our lives.

That's the reason behind VitaClay: blending the ancient tradition and time-tested health benefits of clay with modern world technology. It's the best of both worlds!

This stock pot features the same pure clay you have come to know and love with VitaClay, but in an even larger size!

The stock pot is multi-functional, making all kinds of slow cooking meals: from stews to porridge to broth and soup, VitaClay has got dinner ready! The only thing this machine doesn't do that other VitaClay cookers do is rice (well, who needs 30 cups of rice anyway?).

One thing this cooker does well is yogurt! And if you've never had clay-batch yogurt, you sure are in for a treat!

So if you love to make big batches of stock, soup, broth, stew or even yogurt, this may be the best VitaClay yet!

And be sure to check out our facebook page and sign up for our e-newsletter to receive special offers and announcements from VitaClay! Who knows... we just might do a giveaway or other special offer to kick off the release of our exciting new stock pot!

In health and happiness,

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