St. Paddy’s Day in Style  🍀😎

St. Paddy’s Day in Style  🍀😎

Authentic holiday and ethnic dishes used to intimidate me. 

I thought if I didn’t grow up in a certain place or eating a certain thing, I just couldn’t make it myself. 

But why can’t I?

Traditional ethnic dishes are often the simplest to prepare, because they have perfected it to an art to pass down through the generations. 

One interesting thing is that in pretty much every traditional culture on the globe clay was the material of choice for their most prized traditional dishes. 

To this day if you go to a restaurant and order an authentic dish from almost any cuisine, often it is still cooked in clay. 

The reason for this is that dishes cooked in clay taste better. The texture and color and flavor is better. And they contain more nutrients than food cooked in other materials. It’s remarkable! 

Even plain rice tastes better in clay: you won’t believe your taste buds. 

We use clay because it’s the most non-toxic material available, but also because we grew up eating out of clay and we know that it makes the BEST dishes possible. 

If you want to take your cooking to the next level without next-level effort: cook your dishes in VitaClay. You won’t regret it. 

Below is the traditional St. Paddy’s Day recipe, quick and easy but 100% whole food and home made. 


VitaClay team

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