Enjoying Garden-Fresh Produce is a Summer Treat while Building Immunity

Enjoying Garden-Fresh Produce is a Summer Treat while Building Immunity

Garden-Fresh fruits and veggies taste great, are easy to prep and perfect for lazy summer evenings and holiday celebrations alike. But did you know they have the added bonus of being immune-building foods as well?

Checkout these two -  Vitamin Cand Lycopene

Vitamin C

Where to find it: all peppers, guavas, kale, parsley, collards, green peppers, broccoli, watercress, strawberries, oranges, cauliflower, cantaloupe, blueberries, tomatoes

Storage: as a water-soluble vitamin it is not stored in the body and you need to consume it daily.

What it does: crucial for capillary integrity, immune response, wound healing and allergic reactions. Increases absorption of plant-based iron (a crucial mineral in oxygen transport).


Where to find it: tomatoes, watermelon, red cabbage, pink grapefruit, guava, papaya, and red peppers

Storage: as a fat-soluble vitamin it is stored in the body but needs to be replenished. Be sure to consume it with some added fat (hello olive oil). Cooking increases the potency.

What it does: crucial anti-oxidant known for its cancer-fighting and heart-strengthening properties as well as being an anti-fungal.

And what could be easier than this delicious Calabrese-Style Meat Sauce (Rag├╣ alla Calabrese)? Make it low-carb by subbing cauliflower rice for the pasta. And for dessert you can simply serve cool slices of watermelon or a mixed fruit compote. Enjoy!

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