Celebrate in Style for Cinco De Mayo! 💃

Celebrate in Style for Cinco De Mayo! 💃

Today is a celebration of everything Mexican, and who doesn’t love Mexican food??

It may be a bit intimidating to make your own Mexican food, but restaurant food can be problematic when they don’t use ingredients you’d use at home, like MSG or cheap vegetable oils (which are toxic). 

Something that has helped me is making my own enchilada sauce. I’ve found that when I’m craving that Mexican food flavor, a splash of enchilada sauce can turn almost any meal into a Mexican-inspired dish. 

The enchilada sauce from the store definitely has ingredients I don’t want to have either, so I am glad we have this delicious, easy-to-make enchilada sauce I can keep on hand for just these occasions. 

Check out the recipe section for even more Mexican-inspired creations you can make easily with real food ingredients from the comfort of your kitchen! 

Let VitaClay--your personal chef-- make your Cinco De Mayo festivities even better today! 

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! 

VitaClay Team! 

Make Your Own Enchilada Sauce! 

Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers


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