What Would Happen if You Always Ate Everything You Wanted? 🤭

What Would Happen if You Always Ate Everything You Wanted? 🤭

Did you know today is national “Eat What You Want” Day? 

That’s really funny to me because I really do pretty much eat what I want every day. 

For many people saying that isn’t necessarily a good thing… because they end up craving foods that aren’t good for them (or their health)! 

Personally, however, I’ve gotten to a place where I cut out “bad” (highly processed or full of sugar) foods for so long that I don’t even like them any more. 

For example, if I see a doughnut and I really want to eat it, I will eat it. 

But I usually don’t feel very good later. And that feeling deters me from wanting a doughnut the next time I see it. 

See, if we listen, our bodies tell us what they want. 

They tell us what is good for us and what isn’t. 

And if we do it long enough… we won’t even want the “bad” things anymore. 

So what do you think? Is “Eat What You Want Day” a good thing or a bad thing for you? 

Do you feel a lack of self control in that area or do you think you are fine? How do you self-regulate in the presence of foods that aren’t so good? 

I have found that good, nutritious foods are often super delicious, so I truly can “eat what I want” today and every day! 

Happy Eating! 

VitaClay Team

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