What if You Could Make Comfort Food Healthy (and Easy)?? ­čśŹ

What if You Could Make Comfort Food Healthy (and Easy)?? ­čśŹ

Rainy spring days usher in the fun and warmth of summerÔÇŽ┬á

In the meantime rainy days are great for staying in and eating comfort food! 

But comfort food is usually not very healthyÔÇŽ┬á

What if you could make your favorite comfort food recipes quickly, easily, and without guilt? 

Check out the recipes section because we make it our mission to re-create delicious comfort food just like grandma used to make, only healthier. 

VitaClay makes everything easier, and that also applies to comfort food. 

What is your favorite comfort food for a rainy afternoon? 

Check out these recipes and let us know what you think!

Have a great weekend!

VitaClay Team

Tex Mex Chili Made in Clay


Mac & Cheese


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