Healing Ayurveda KITCHARI with brown rice, red lentils, split mung beans and butternut squash! Yum!

Can kitchari help you lose weight?
According to School of Ayurvedic Diet & Digestion, you can start building digestive strength by following a kitchari cleanse. This program helps detoxify the body by cleansing ama, and also resets metabolism by encouraging a diet of easily digestible foods. When agni is strong, you become a more efficient fat burner and your body is in a better position to lose weight.

This delicious, comforting, nourishing vegetarian / vegan dish. You may use white or brown rice of your choice. Practitioners claim a kitchari cleanse may help:
­čĹëeliminate accumulated toxins from the mind and body tissues.
­čĹëimprove digestion and restore regular bowel movements.
­čĹëremove heaviness or congestion in the body.
­čĹësupport a healthy body weight or weight loss.
­čĹëimprove energy and vitality.
promote overall health and wellness.

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